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Falling off the Edge of the World

    I think about closing the door
    And lately I think of it more
    I'm living well out of my time
    I feel like I'm losing my mind

    I should be at the table round
    A servant of the crown
    The keeper of the sign
    To sparkle and to shine

    Never, no never again
    Listen to me and believe what I say if you can
    Never, this is the end
    You know I've seen the faces of doom and I'm only a man
    Help me, tell me I'm sane
    I feel a change in the earth, in the wind and the rain
    Save me, oh take me away
    You know I've seen some creatures from hell and I've heard what they say

    I've got to be strong
    Oh, I'm falling off the edge of the world
    Think you're safe, but you're wrong
    We are falling off the edge of the world

    Look out, there's danger
    Nowhere to run
    It seems like desperate measures but sometimes it's gotta be done
    Over, it's over at last
    And a message's inside as we build a new life from the past

    We're falling off the edge of the world
    Yes, the edge of the world
    It's the end of the world

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