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Simon Wright was born June 19, 1963 in Oldham Manchester, England. After getting his first drum set at the age of 13, Simon, a self taught drummer, spent hours with his head set on playing while listening to such legends as Cozy Powell, John Bonham and Tommy Aldridge. His first professional gig was on tour with Girl School at the age of 16 when he was with A II Z on the British leg of the "Screaming Blue Murder" tour. He had his first taste of the road. It would only be about a year later when he would be playing for one of the biggest bands in the world, AC/DC. Simon's career with AC/DC would last through three of their albums: Fly On The Wall, Who Made Who and Blow Up Your Video. After leaving AC/DC in 1989, he met Ronnie James Dio. Hired as the backbone for DIO entering the 90's, their first effort together would produce the critically acclaimed album, 1990's Lock Up The Wolves. While on hiatus from DIO, he kept himself busy as a hired gun for bands such as Rhino Bucket, John Norum, Mogg/Way and even UFO with Michael Schenker in 1995. Simon is currently working on the new DIO album as well as promoting his new DVD " On The Road with Simon Wright

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