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 Dirty Women

The neon lights are shining on me again
I walk the lonely streets in search of a friend
I need a lady to help me to get through the night,through the night
If I could find one, then everything should be alright
The sleepy city is dreaming the night away
But on the street I watch tomorrow becoming today
I see a man he's got taken away women for sale,yes, for sale
Guess that's the answer, 'cause taken away women don't fail
Oh, dirty women, they don't mess around [2]
you got me coming, you got me coming around
Oh, dirty women, they don't mess around
Walking the streets I wonder
Will it ever happen
Gotta be good then
Everything will be O.K.
If I could score tonight
Then I will end up happy
A woman for sale is
Gonna help me save my day.

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